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Our Vision - October 2017

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How long has Perry Ellis been involved in the watch industry?

It has been over a decade now. It is time for us to expand and invest into our own know-how which all the knowledge we have accumulated over time. Till now, we used to assemble our watches. We have our in-house designers, R&D and assembling units.

The collection…

We have the SLIMLINE collection where watches are as slim and comfortable as possible. It is a sports watch. It has a generic, slim and unique look. It has different finishes and clean dials. It comes with interchangeable straps. We are strong on quality and the watches are resistant against the elements. The MEMPHIS collection is more old school. We have aluminum around the bezel area. The sun-ray dials are beautiful and they have Arabic numerals on them. We have specially textured leather straps, which are interchangeable. Then we have the DECAGON which is very sporty but at the same time very elegant. It comes with beautiful dials. The bezels also have different types of finishing. We have the large and medium size and both are unisex. The DEEP DIVER collection is a slim watch water resistant upto 200 metres. We have a lot of engineering behind it. It has pro-diving features. We use high-density mineral glass that is properly polished. Then we have the GT, which is a Japanese high quality quartz chronograph. We have a family of five original designs and two of them come in 2 sized variations. We continuously offer new patterns, textures and colours. This year we are launching an Emerald Green and Ruby Red collection.


We have many options and we are really focused on providing interchangeable straps so that one has many options. The watches are designed for a lifetime, so we also want to provide a choice of straps that people may want to use to keep changing the look and keep it as up to date as possible. The straps supplement the fashion orientation.

The complete interview is in Hours & Minutes on pg no. 8 in the October 2017 edition.