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How has the implementation of the GST impacted Titan?

From consumer point of view there has been no impact. Demand has been normal. We are not that expensive so it helps us. We are settling in and figuring out. In the watch industry, there are unorganized elements who are now brought into the ambit of the GST. It will be good for the industry and lead to a transparent way of doing business.

In the long run would the GST help?

In principle, of course, bringing everyone under a universal taxation is a good thing. Like I said before, it is good for the industry overall.

What is the latest evolution in the JUXT?

We are working on an interesting launch for a new smartwatch. It will come just after Diwali.

What are the launches for Diwali?

We felt we needed to attract a younger generation of women to RAGA. There is an specialness and ornateness to RAGA. Any brand that becomes too special suffers from lack of relevant occasions and we wanted to bring in younger customers. We wanted to give them a more contemporary feel. Every year we have a RAGA collection launch for Diwali. We have had Pearls, Moonlight, and so on. This time, in Espana, we took Spain as an inspiration. It is sensual and has a cosmopolitan flavor. The inspirations are from landmark structures like Parc Guell or Sagrada Familia of Barcelona or the iconic flamenco dance of Spain. For every watch we have an accompanying accessory like a bangle or bracelet in a boxed set. There are a total of 19 variants from Rs 5995 to Rs 12995.

We also have an interesting collection in Regalia. It is inspired by coins and is named Regalia Sovereign. This brand has a power connotation as it is dressy and masculine at the same time. We’ve gone away from a very heavy gold look. There are 18 variants from Rs 6795 to Rs 12500. We’ve kept these for the festive season. We have our regular collections in the other brands as well.

Sonata also has some new products…

A lot of new products are there from Sonata. It gets a spike during the festive season. We’ve gone away from the gold plated look and its working. Earlier there was the preference for gold look. We have tied up with Sushant Singh Rajput for Sonata. Why him? We did a lot of consumer work to realize that the middle class has changed. Earlier they felt diffident, but today there is a burgeoning confidence. People are not stopping themselves short. The fact that the road to success and progress is available to everyone is a resounding feeling. That is why we chose Sushant. He is an outsider and has carved his own path. He is a man from small town, but his conviction and self belief is astounding. He is a symbol of this generation of Indians. That is the brand idea and proposition that we have chosen for Sonata. Sonata is beginning to look very contemporary to serve this new Indian customer.

The complete interview is in Hours & Minutes on pg no. 6 in the October 2017 edition.