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This is for the first time, that Hublot has cut its Big Bang case out of bronze. The advantages of this metal are many: non-magnetism, resistance to corrosion and a unique appearance. Moreover, bronze is covered with a natural patina that protects it and gives it an unparalleled finish. It enhances over time, giving a very unique look to the piece.

Big Bang Bavaria is a watch cut from bronze and then strapped onto two robust, hand-embroidered bracelets in deer leather. The case back is in black ceramic whereas the screws are in 3N gold. The Big Bang Bavaria strap is reminiscent of the “Lederhosen”, the short leather breeches that originated in Bavaria and have been the traditional clothing of the mountain people since the 18th century.

Tanned and burnished by hand, each strap and case are different and unique. The most unique aspect of the Big Bang Bavaria is that time will add distinction and character to it. The bronze case will acquire a unique patina, as will be leather. The result is a watch that truly grows with you!