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TITAN - Raga - Espana


Titan RAGA

RAGA pre-Diwali launches are amongst the most exciting introductions of the year. Titan RAGA collections have always been very popular with Indian women as glitter and glamour are a part of every person’s outfit. For the modern Indian woman today, a watch has become an important aspect of her personality. It is the one accessory that helps her express who she is. When it comes to watches, making a statement on the wrist is the order of the day! They express the innate beauty of the Indian woman in bejewelled splendour! These delicate timepieces match the mood of the modern Indian woman and complement the ethnic and fusion looks that she embodies.

Titan Raga has encapsulated in its collection a very special élan, style, glamour and sensuality fused with an element of classic timelessness. Right from the themes of Pearls, Opera, Cities, Diva, Flora, Weaves, Aqua, Kitch Garden of Eden, and Moonlight the timeless, exotic, beautiful and treasurable watches have been enthralling to say the least.


This year, the Titan RAGA looks westward to Spain for design inspiration. Spain has a unique aesthetic culture that is now translated into some exceptional watches. Hence, the collection has exquisite designs in vivid plating colors inspired by art and architecture of Spain. The Mother-of-Pearl dials capture the grandeur of stained glasses from Sagrada Familia. The striking Swarovski embellishments are inspired by beauty of Park Guelle. Some of the cases recreate the charisma of the Flamenco dance form.

The complete story is in Hours & Minutes on pg. no. 18 in the October 2017 edition.