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There are eighteen variants in terms of design. One of the key features is the Signature crown used in all five cases of this collection. This has been inspired from coining technique and serrations used in coins across the world.

The wide variety of watches in the collection have inspirational roots in specific coins and currencies. For example, the 1748 watches, have a dial that is inspired from the iconic 2-pound coin commemorating the 150th anniversary of London Underground, the oldest metro rail service in the world.

In the collection titled 1747 one can see the unique technique of putting hour marks in embossed word format, inspired from coins of Victorian era. 1751 on the other hand, bears a three-layer dial inspired from the 2 euro coin with different colours and finishes. The 12H metal index has been inspired from US 5-dollar note. For the 1749 watch, the case shape is inspired from the 2-rupee Indian coin, launched to commemorate 1982 Asian Games held in Delhi.

The Watch design of the 1752 has been inspired from the iconic 10 cent euro coin. The stars on the coin can be seen replicated on the watch dial. The centre 3D sun pattern formed on dial is done through embossing like classic era coins.

Coins represent a time and moment in history, as well as a certain heritage. With this collection, the rich beauty of currency has been successfully translated as beautiful wrist-pieces!