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Our Vision - October 2017

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The new oscillator is a key aspect of the new innovation, and it forms a monolithic whole. It is made of monocrystalline silicon (with details finer than a human hair), replaces the sprung balance. The 30 or so components of a standard regulating organ (which requires assembly, adjustment, timing, testing and lubrication) are thus replaced by a single element measuring just 0.5 mm thick (compared with the usual 5 mm.) This new oscillator maintains the same degree of precision for 95% of its power reserve.

The 21st century Defy Lab achieves exceptional performance making it a master of mechanical precision powered into a whole new dimension. It remains accurate far beyond 24 hours of operation (the moment when mechanical watches begin to lose their energy and thus their accuracy).

This is also the very first watch that uses a new material- Aeronith. Watch lovers love new materials, especially when they improve performance. Aeronith is the world’s lightest aluminium composite material. It resembles an extremely solid metal foam that was developed using an exclusive high-tech process and features a density of just 1.6 kg/dm3, which is 2.7 times lighter than titanium, 1.7 times lighter than aluminium and 10% lighter than carbon fibre.