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Yes, we know there are many who consider gold flashy and blingy. This could have been true to some extent, but the watch industry has several examples of the different types of gold, or rather, varied shades of gold that turn out elegant and highly sophisticated.

What makes gold a great metal to use in watches? In terms of value, we all know that gold has its own intrinsic value, and so from that point of view it makes economic sense. Gold may be used to make the watch cases, bezels, bracelets and the most precious parts of the movement.


Pure gold is a soft, dense and inert yellow element that is the most malleable and ductile of all metals but requires mixing with other metals to increase its strength. To make gold stronger, any number of elements can be combined with it, each creating its own color. Depending on the alloys mixed with it, one can create different shades of gold. The metal can appear brilliant white, warm pink or even copper red, and can be made even more resistant to corrosion and tarnish, both qualities long demanded of the metal.

The amount of gold versus other alloys is something that is a very important choice made by the watchmakers. This depends on many factors, including aesthetic and financial considerations, as well as legal or compliance requirements. For example, cases made by the Swiss watch industry are almost exclusively in 18-karat gold, which has a good percentage of precious metal content and is easy to work yet has good metallurgical properties.


Yellow gold is the most common ‘gold’ we associate with. It has been traditionally used in watches since a really long time. Most people prefer pure gold alloyed with silver and copper to produce yellow gold. White gold is gold combined with nickel, copper, and palladium to give it the whitish tinge. Rose gold is a shade that is getting popular. Rose gold is a beautiful shade that can look formal and casual at the same time. It is a mix of gold with copper and silver. Watchmakers hence prefer to use this in watches.

The complete story is in Hours & Minutes on pg. no. 14 in the October 2017 edition.