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What is your role as the Senior Vice President of Seiko

I have been given the responsibility for Latin America as
well as Middle-Eastern Countries. I’ll be in India often as
well. India is a very important market for us.

Grand Seiko is being launched at CT Pundole’s store. This is a store that has the legacy of o ver 100 years. What are your thoughts?

It is a very respectful and amazing thing! Seiko also has a history since 1881. This kind of history and heritage is very respectful. When we select partners, we have to be careful. We choose with care at Seiko. We have a close association with our partners. We are very happy to be associated with CT Pundole for the Grand Seiko.

Your thoughts on the Grand Seiko market in India... After
being established as a separate brand, what have been the steps that Seiko has taken for this line to promote it in India?

First of all, Grand Seiko history in India is growing. We have seven boutiques. We plan to expand distribution through select POS from where we will communicate more. We want to set up a wider base for the Grand Seiko. We want customers to come and experience the watch. We want to emphasize on more direct communication with the end customer. Opportunities such as these launches are good opportunities to share our stories and our products. Grand Seiko will be showcased in seven boutiques. We do plan to set up more boutiques.

The complete interview is in Hours & Minutes on pg no. 4 in the October 2018 edition.