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WMR - September 2018



New Rolex Boutique at Ethos Summit

Get ready for a grand Rolex experience! 22nd July was a day for the opening of the newest boutique for Rolex at Ethos Summit in ‘The Chanakya’, New Delhi. Yasho Saboo, Managing Director, Ethos inaugurated the new boutique. “I’m very happy to be inaugurating the Rolex boutique. Rolex represents the finest in watchmaking and we are immensely proud to bring this finesse alive through this place. We look forward to many more such milestones in this flourishing partnership between Rolex and Ethos,” he said.

The new Rolex boutique presents an impressive choice of Rolex wristwatches that promises to immerse visitors in a true Rolex world. The goal is to honour the age-old traditions of Swiss timekeeping, while simultaneously celebrating the innovative spirit of Rolex. The boutique promises to present to the clientele in New Delhi some of the most exquisite timepieces ever made. At the heart of the showroom, the Oyster Perpetual models form the core of a wide display of legendary timepieces that embody the essence of Rolex: prestige and technology, precision and style, innovation and watchmaking tradition.

The atmosphere in the boutique mirrors the undersea world, one in which Rolex has deep history as the inventor of the first-ever waterproof wristwatch, the iconic Oyster. The lush green of the illuminated etched Aqua wall captures attention thanks to its soft, undulating wave pattern. Meanwhile, the overall design highlights elements expressing the distinctive elegance of the Rolex universe: soft luminous sources, brass frames, leather chairs, walnut counters and cabinets. The Presiding symbol of excellence, the gold, Rolex crown, complements this refined setting. The showroom provides the best possible Rolex experience to visitors, reflecting the exceptional standards of the watches on display.

New Delhi is said to be the largest market for luxury watches in India. As such, the boutique will create a unique setting for the longstanding and new friends and fans of the brand, providing a shopping experience that matches international standards.